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About Gianniotis SA

Every day, thousands of productive animals are raised with our products to yield quality animal feed, increase the productivity of livestock units giving us the opportunity to build a bright future.

Our vision

We have a clear vision, to contribute to the development of animal husbandry through good practices. We believe that in the long term it is the best way to develop our company.

Clear Direction

Our company has always been characterized by a sense of responsibility, purpose, values ​​that have guided us since our foundation, along with the social mission to improve the nutrition and performance conditions of the livestock units-communities in which we operate.

We continue to believe that our company must have made a positive contribution to addressing the challenges facing the agri-food world and that this is the only way to succeed.

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary and the transition to a new generation, we are reimagining the future - building a business with long-term goals.

We will grow our business by leveraging our strengths - combining size, expertise, understanding of livestock units - consumers, to continue producing products and services that farms need. We will continue to work to increase this contribution.

We aim to grow the business, inspiring trust, improving our products, investing in innovation.

The people of Gianniotis SA, employees, breeders, commercial partners, suppliers, since 1980 have been a team that works with dedication in the factory, on the road, on the farm, in the distribution centers, in the offices. This group shares ideas, concerns and successes and enjoys the fruits of joint effort. The Gianniotis SA team is dynamic, reliable and proud.

Only through our people can we realize our goal, which is none other than the absolute satisfaction of our customers. Maintaining the good reputation of the company and all the actions and actions that support this principle are the primary concern of both the company's Management and all the interested parties whose activities concern Gianniotis SA.

We focus on the quality of our products and services

We respect our producers, customers, consumers and partners

We Trust, Invest and Develop our human resources

We listen and we encourage the creativity and participation of our people

We accept human errors

We believe in integrity of character, honesty, fairness and honesty

We value and respect everyone

Labor Relations and Non-Discrimination Policy

The relations between the company and the employees are based on the common understanding of an inseparable connection between the two parties. Therefore they are the responsibility of both parties and aim to systematically cultivate, maintain and develop a spirit of cooperation based on mutual respect, honesty and open communication. Employees must avoid activities that go against the interests, smooth operation and progress of the company, expose it to competition or harm its public image. In addition, child labor is prohibited within the company, but also in the companies we have chosen as our partners, as well as working under the influence of alcohol or drugs and their use or trafficking in the workplace, as well as the exercise of any form of violence.

The protection of company information (such as know-how, business plans, production practices, financial data, new products, commercial policy, etc.) is an obligation of every employee. The transmission of information either internally or to the external environment of the company is permitted only for the smooth conduct and successful outcome of a specific task requested by the company itself.

  • Gianniotis SA strictly adheres to the applicable legislation on equality for all its human resources
  • Apart from the legislation and having as a basic value the respect of everyone for everyone, at Gianniotis S.A. any form of discrimination in terms of salary treatment, career development, education and general employment conditions in the Company is prohibited due to caste, religion, nationality , marital status or political beliefs
  • Anything that constitutes any form of racial and sexual harassment, physical or psychological, is strictly prohibited